Everything we know so far about dated and related

Everything we know about new Netflix show, Dated and Related

Double the trouble, double the fun.

Dated and Related is a brand-new Netflix dating show that will see pairs of siblings teaming up to help each other find love. Not what the title implies, thankfully.

The premise of Netflix’s latest reality show is simple – find ‘the one’ with the help of your sibling, and learn about their love life in return. 

Yes, the concept of this show is truly bizarre. And yes, I’m already obsessed.

What is Dated and Related about?

The idea of Dated and Related is that in theory, nobody knows you better than your family members. So, who better to help you navigate the realm of dating than them, right?

But, will your sibling act as a hot-headed hindrance? Or, will they spot silent red flags and be the wingwoman of your dreams? Whatever the case, this new Netflix show is expected to be awkward yet hilarious television

Dated and Related cast
Image credit: Netflix

Who is hosting Dated and Related?

Too Hot To Handle’s Melinda Berry will host the first season of Dated and Related.

Not only is she a seasoned Netlfix dating show contestant, but she also has 14 siblings of her own. This means that Melinda Berry could potentially dispense some wise words of advice.

The Too Hot To Handle star revealed that she would be hosting via Twitter. The statement reads, “I am the host of the new Netflix show “Dated and Related” which will be out September 2nd.”

“I am beyond excited for you guys to see this amazing, fun new show,” the Tweet continued.

Dated and Related cast

Joining Melinda Berry on the show are 16 single contestants. All will jet to the South of France Dated and Related villa, hoping to find love and avoid dating drama

In first look images, there are eight sibling pairs. These include siblings Daniel and Julia Perfetto, Essex twins Kaz and Kieran Bishop and South Jersey cousins Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn. 

Brother and sister duo Daniel Perfetto and Julia Perfetto join the cast of Dated and Related.
Image credit: Netflix
Brother and sister duo Daniel Perfetto and Julia Perfetto.
Image credit: Netflix

Below, I’ve saved you the hassle by listing all of the Dated and Related season one cast alongside their Instagram handles. 

So, if you’re a serial social media stalker, then I’ve got you covered. 

Dated and Related cast: The Bajor Sisters

Lily Bajor

Age: 22
Location: Texas, USA
Occupation: Cocktail Waitress and Student
Instagram: @lilybajor

Mady Bajor

Age: 20
Location: Texas, USA 
Occupation: Advertising Student.
Instagram: @mady

According to Netflix, The Bajor sisters are anything but predictable. They don’t take life too seriously but tend to take a joke too far… especially when it involved each other’s love lives.

Dated and Related cast: The Perfettos 

Daniel Perfetto

Age 25
Location: Ontario, Canada,
Occupation: Client Care Specialist.
Instagram: @danielperfetto_ 

Julia Perfetto

Age: 21
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: HR Associate and Personal Trainer
Instagram: @juliaperfetto

According to Netflix: siblings, Daniel and Julia Perfetto, are used to having people swoon over them. Daniel is a player who always has the pick of the bunch. However, when it comes to his sister Julia, no guy is good enough.

Dated and Related cast: The Taneris

Ceylan Teneri

Age: 25
Location: London, UK / Cyprus
Occupation: Professional Footballer
Instagram: @ceylantaneri

Alara Taneri

Age: 22
Location: London, UK / Cyprus
Occupation: Fashion Design Student

According to Netflix: Ceylan and Alara Teneri are travel-obsessed best friends and siblings. They’ve lived all over the world and Alara was a late bloomer in the world of dating and sex.

Dated and Related Cast: The Roppos

Joey Roppo

Age: 28
Location: Washington, USA
Occupation: Customs Brokerage Manager
Instagram: @joeyroppo

Corrina Roppo

Age: 23
Location: Washington, USA
Occupation: Music Teacher
Instagram: @corrinaroppo

According to Netflix: The Roppos are both looking for their forever partner, but are failing to find someone hot and has the personality to go along with it. The lucky candidates must match their Christian values and make a killer addition to their volleyball team. Not asking for much, huh guys?

Dated and Related Cast: The Bishops

Kaz Bishop

Age: 30
Location: Essex, UK
Occupation: Firefighter
Instagram: @kazbishop_

Kieran Bishop

Age: 30
Location: Essex, UK
Occupation: Banking Consultant
Instagram: @kieranbishop_

According to Netflix: The Bishops are twin brothers who almost share everything. Think friendships, an Essex pad and also their tendency to get bored in relationships. However, Kaz Bishop is a self-confessed player while twin Kieran wears his heart on his sleeve.

Dated and Related Cast: The Parsijanis

Diana Javidi Parsijani

Age: 29
Location: Oslo, Norway
Occupation: Jewellery Specialist
Instagram: @ninaxdiana

Nina Javidi Parsijani

Age: 29
Location: Oslo, Norway
Occupation: Jewellery Specialist
Instagram: @ninaxdiana

According to Netflix: The Parsijani twins have equally disastrous dating lives. Diana is a hopeless romantic while sister Nina is a heartbreaker who is rarely single.

Dated and Related Cast: The Millers

Dyman Miller

Age: 25
Location: Florida, USA
Occupation: Medical Assistant
Instagram: @dyman.miller

Deyon Miller

Age: 21
Location: Florida USA
Occupation: HR Manager and Sports Model
Instagram: @itsdeyon

According to Netflix: Dyman and Deyon are best friends who are also super supportive of one another. With Deyon finally turning 21 in 2022, sister Dyman is excited to show him the ropes, take him to clubs and cement herself as the best wingwoman in town.

Dated and Related Cast: The Cohen/Hahns

Chris Hahn

Age: 27
Location: New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Server and Surf Instructor
Instagram: @chrishahnofficial

Jason Cohen

Age: 27
Location: New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Jet Ski Instructor
Instagram: @jasoncohenofficial 

According to Netflix: Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn are competitive cousins. There’s not a sport that the duo haven’t mastered – maybe finding the one could be the next string to their bows?

Season one of Dated and Related will feature ten episodes and drops via Netlfix on September 2. 

Feature image credit: Netflix