Netflix Reveals Why The Robot In Too Hot To Handle Is Called ‘Lana’


Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle has taken the internet by storm as a group of attractive people battle against their natural urges to win the share of a $100,000 prize pot.

Yup, they can’t kiss, touch intimately, or have sex. The whole premise of the show is that they learn to have ‘meaningful connections’ based on compatible personalities, rather than just each other’s bodies.

The only ‘person’ that knows exactly what’s been going on behind closed doors is Lana, a kind of Amazon Alexa-type robot that calls people out when they’ve broken the rules.

But why is she called Lana? Well, Netflix’s official Twitter account decided to let us all know the reason – and we were shocked to say the least.

The Tweet reads: “If you found yourself watching Too Hot To Handle and wondering where we got the name Lana from … reverse it.”

Fans were quick to comment, with one replying: “Netflix got REAL horny on main all of a sudden”, another wrote: “Wow! I did not expect this from Netflix”.

Another x-rated piece of info that recently came to light was the meaning behind contestants Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey’s matching tattoos.

The pait had a tumultuous time on the show, but seem to now be stronger than ever. They showed off their new tattoos on Instagram, which was revealed to be matching lightning bolts.


However, you may be wondering what the meaning behind the bolt is. Well, it won’t surprise you to know that it’s a bit of a cheeky reason.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Francesca explained that they were inspired by the Yoni Puja workshop with a relationship expert called Shan.

She said: “There was a challenge where I had to draw him a painting,

“It was supposed to be my vagina, but it was like an interpretation of what I saw. I put little lightning bolts all over it, so it just kind of represented our experience as a whole together.”

Featured image credit: Netflix