Barbie trailer first image of Ryan Gosling

Warner Bros. has just released the first Barbie trailer ahead of a 2023 release

Barbie hits cinemas in 2023.

Excitingly, Warner Bros. has released the first Barbie trailer. The first look at Greta Gerwig’s movie sees glimpses of Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling in their Barbie and Ken roles.

Despite the live-action movie being announced back in July 2021, fans haven’t had much more than on-set photographs and official cast pictures to satisfy their appetites… Until now.

HD first-look images from the new Barbie trailer.
Image credit: Warner Bros.

US film fans who went to watch Avatar: The Way of Water in cinemas would have already seen the minute-long teaser clip. This is because Gerwig’s Barbie trailer was attached to the Avatar sequel’s Thursday screenings.

However, Warner Bros. has now released the Barbie trailer to the rest of the world. 

What is shown in the first Barbie trailer?

The Barbie movie trailer opens with a beautiful montage of sunrise shots, while a disembodied voice says, “Since the beginning of time. Since the first little girl ever existed, there have been dolls,” in a clear homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“But the dolls were always and forever baby dolls. Until…” the voice continues. Then, a clear shot of a pair of iconic Barbie legs is shown.

Later in the trailer, you learn that the legs are those of Robbie, who is playing the titular role of Barbie.

In the trailer, Robbie is wearing a monochromatic striped swimsuit, black heels and a pair of retro white cat eye sunglasses. Her one-piece outfit is a nod to the first-ever Mattel Barbie Doll.

HD first-look images from the new Barbie trailer.
Image credit: Warner Bros.

After the dramatic introduction, the trailer then shows a series of clips from the anticipated Barbie movie. 

One is the back of Robbie, who is waving to another Barbie in her Dreamhouse. The next is our first look at Gosling playing the main Ken doll.

HD first-look images from the new Barbie trailer.
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Gosling is looking questionable, wearing a bandana and a leather waistcoat with tassels on the shoulders. Appearing alongside him is Ncuti Gatwa, who is playing another Ken.

Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu also gets a few seconds in the spotlight. He can be seen cutting some smooth moves.

When does Barbie come out?

Gerwig’s movie will release on July 21 2023 in cinemas across the globe.

You can watch the first-look trailer below.

Feature image credit: Warner Bros