Ryan Gosling wears neon in newly released Barbie set photos

The neon outfits are a nod to a 1994 Barbie doll.

New Barbie set photos have been released. The recent paparazzi shots show Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling kitted out in neon outfits similar to 1994’s Hot Skatin’ Barbie Doll.

The latest paparazzi images show Margo and Ryan skating down Venice Beach boulevard in matching neon outfits. However, social media has been quick to point out that their costumes are a potential blast from the past. 

Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling laugh in neon in new Barbie set photos. Image Credit: Splash News

Margo Robbie in new Barbie set photos. Image Credit: Filmy Hotspot

1994 Hot Skatin’ Barbie doll

Fans took to Twitter to liken Margo’s outfit of a vibrant bodysuit, neon kneepads and bright roller skates to Mattel’s 1994’s Hot Skatin’ Barbie doll. 

One Twitter user wrote, “new Margot skating pics. The outfit is based on Hot Skatin Barbie from 1994.”

Another user said, “I hope they rerelease these dolls for the movie, a vintage Barbie comeback is what we need”. 

In the newly released images Margo, who is playing the titular character Barbie, is also seen in costume alongside co-star Ryan. The latter, who is playing Ken in the live action Barbie movie, can again be seen in a vibrant gilet, hot pink vest and shorts. His outfit is also accessorised similar to Margo’s with matching neon kneepads, a visor and a pair of rollerskates.

This press image is one of many on-set of the Barbie movie. Paparazzi released photographs of Margo skating with co-star America Ferrera earlier this month. Pictures of Margo and Ryan dressed in Western clothing on set in California also circulated last week.

Margo Robbie and America Ferrera are pictured in new Barbie set photos. Image Credit: Dsanchez/CPR / BACKGRID

So, could these Western costumes be a nod to the 1981 Western Barbie doll?

Greta Gerwig (Little Women, Lady Bird) is directing the live action Barbie movie. It also stars Margo Robbie in the titular role of Barbie, alongside Ryan Gosling as her boyfriend, Ken.

Other names that make up the Barbie cast list include Michael Cera and Emma Mackey. Marvel actor, Simu Liu is also due to make an appearance.

The Barbie movie will be in cinemas from July 2023. 

Feature Image Credit: Splash News / Filmy Hotspot.