Written In The Stars is a new dating show, hosted by Clara Amfo, that will see pairs being coupled up based on their star signs.

Written In The Stars is the first-ever astrology-based dating show

Stay away from those Virgos!

There’s a new dating show heading to our screens this winter, where singles are matched up based on their star signs – here is everything we know so far about Written In The Stars.

So, are you reeling from the most recent season of Love Is Blind? Or maybe you’re looking to fill the gap before Winter Love Island hits our screens next year? If you love reality TV, then Written In The Stars is going to be right up your street. 

Commissioned by discovery+, the new dating series will see 12 singles heading to the Mediterranean for an unforgettable summer. The aim of the game is to find love within a single lunar cycle – sounds straightforward, right?

Clara Amfo hosts a new reality dating show called Written In The Stars - a series where couples are paired depending on their astrology.
Pictured: Clara Amfo. Image credit: discovery+

A dating show with an astronomical twist

So what’s the twist? Well, three expert astrologists will pair each individual up based solely on their star charts. 

So, whether you’re a Leo moon or a Capricorn rising – the astrologers will consider this when designing your match. 

Hosting the new TV show is BBC Radio 1 DJ and presenter Clara Amfo. Speaking to POPSUGAR about the show she said, “I remember thinking, this is the dating show for me,”

Clara Amfo hosts a new reality dating show called Written In The Stars - a series where couples are paired depending on their astrology.
Image credit: discovery+

“I do believe in astrology, it’s so ingrained in our culture now. I once heard that Jennifer Lopez held casting for dancers and specifically said no Virgos,” she continues, “I don’t think I’d go that far, though!”

Could astrology-based matches elevate modern dating?

The resident astrologers from Written In The Stars.
Written In The Stars astrologists. Image credit: discovery+

Amfo also believes that Written In The Stars could be the perfect antidote to modern dating, “I think the biggest issue with modern dating is that we’ve become a product. We can shop online and everything is just a swipe or a click away.

“I’m not anti-dating apps,” she explains. “We’ve lost our patience when it comes to forming an intimate connection.”

As well as spark-searching, the dating show will feature contestant challenges. These will be set by Amfo to test the singles’ compatibility.

The new discovery+ reality show matches singles with astrology.
Image credit: discovery+

How can you watch Written In The Stars?

The show, described by VICE as being, “like ‘Love island’ meets ‘Married At First Sight’, but with horoscopes”, will premiere via discovery+ on November 27. 

At the time of writing, the cast for Written In The Stars is yet to be revealed. But astrology aficionados, keep your eyes peeled. 

You can watch Written In The Stars, hosted by Clara Amfo via discovery+ on Sunday, November 27.

Featured image credit: discovery+