Headspace Women's Collection launches, a new platform for sexual health

You should try the new Headspace Women’s Sexual Health Collection

A platform for women by women.

Leading meditation app Headspace has launched a dedicated sexual wellbeing space called Headspace Women’s Collection. The platform is made up of specific courses all centred around women’s sexual health.

The new Headspace Women’s Collection is designed for female-identifying users. It’s made for those who want to both look after and focus on their sexual health.

Kate Moyle Psychosexual Therapist

According to psychosexual therapist Kate Moyle, “Sexual wellbeing has been left out of the conversation about health for too long, despite the fact that we know it plays a key role within our general and mental wellness,”

Kate Moyle, Psychosexual Therapist
Image credit: Headspace.
Kate Moyle, Psychosexual Therapist
Image credit: Headspace.

“The stigma around conversations about sex has a huge ripple effect into various areas of our lives, including people not getting symptoms checked, knowing how to navigate intimate relationships, and the overall impact that can have on one’s mental health,” she continues.

Moyle herself leads one of the three innovative wellbeing categories in the new wellness platform. She fronts the Sex and Relationships category.

In the Sex and Relationships course, she will teach users about cultivating pillars of sexual wellness and also how to have more mindful sex. Teachings on intimacy, mind-body connection, and compassionate communication are also included.

Let's Talk About Sex campaign in association with Headspace Women's Collection.
Image credit: Headspace
Let’s Talk About Sex campaign.
Image credit: Headspace

There are two other courses included in the Headspace Women’s Collection. These are Body and Health as well as Strength in Solidarity.

The latter is taught by Dr Dana Udall, Headspace’s Chief Clinical Officer, and Headspace meditation teacher. It focuses on teaching mindfulness techniques for coping with injustice and anger in the light of the recent Roe v Wade overruling

The Body and Health section will help unpack emotions whilst trying to conceive. It also lends support after miscarriage and helps users befriend their bodies. 

Let’s Talk About Sex Campaign

The new collection of courses comes after research showed that 89% of women think the medical industry doesn’t take women’s sexual desires seriously. 

According to Headspace, 78% of women have also experienced low sex drive but over half of these women don’t actually feel comfortable talking about it.

This research, therefore, suggests that women across the globe need the Headspace Women’s Collection more than ever before.

What is the Peanut app?

Of course, the Headspace Women’s Collection makes up just one part of Headspace’s Let’s Talk About Sex campaign. The movement is in collaboration with the women’s safe-space app, Peanut

Peanut is a one-stop shop for connecting with women going through similar times in their lives. This may be pregnancy, motherhood or also menopause.

The Peanut app is available to download through the IOS and Android stores now.

How can I access the Headspace Women’s Collection?

So if you’re interested in the new Headspace Women’s Collection, the wellbeing space now sits within Headspace’s paid-for content. 

At the time of writing, a subscription will cost you £4.17 per month. However, the app also offers a 14-day free trial. You can sign up here.

Feature image credit: Headspace