emberly digital wellness platform bake focaccia for self care

The digital wellness platform teaching you to bake focaccia for self-care

I knead to get on this ASAP.

The US wellness industry’s estimated worth is $52.5 billion at the time of writing. From the alleged 2 million meditators using the Headspace app, and the rise of talk and walk therapy – the ways to practise self-care are seemingly endless.

Despite living in a world obsessed with self-improvement, however, Americans are only reportedly relaxing for 40 minutes per day. It’s time to restore zen. An online space promoting “a more peaceful life experience” is doing just that. Introducing digital wellness platform emberly. 

Female-owned wellness destination, emberly, is a digital wellness platform for self-care enthusiasts. It’s the perfect way to pick up a new hobby. Fancy doing something different with your downtime? emberly could be the tonic you need after that stressful Monday in the office. 

Self Development Academy

The conception of emberly hasn’t been linear. In fact, the journey to a digital wellness platform began fifteen years ago at Colomba, a physical dance school. Hiba Binz founded Colomba in 2007. Up until March 2020, the dance studio operated as a dynamic event space and dance hall.

“It was a hive of activity and learning”, says Binz via the emberly blog. “Inspiring projects took flight. Colomba was the realisation of a personal dream spanning some fifteen years. It was magical to see it come to life.”  

However, dance spaces were forced to close following the COVID-19 pandemic. Searches of ‘dance classes near me’ changed to ‘dance classes online’. In a bid to survive, Binz moved her dance academy to a digital space, becoming Colomba Online.

The platform, which would eventually become emberly, offered online classes in everything from ballet basics to wellness challenges. As the platform developed, it began to pivot from traditional dance classes to an online wellbeing space.

The success of this digital wellness platform prompted Colomba Online to officially announce its rebrand via Instagram in December 2021. They say, “A rebrand completes our journey from local studio to anytime/anywhere learning. Colomba Online becomes emberly.”

emberly Online Courses

Emberly is reportedly aimed at, “anyone who is curious, fancies a challenge… wants to find what it is in life that they’re passionate about and wants to find that thing that brings them joy.”

Classes emberly currently offer fall into four categories – Energise, Create, Grow and Relax. So, whether it’s easy pasta recipes for dinner, or studying public speaking classes for self-development, emberly has you covered.

On the digital wellness platform, you’ll also find an introduction to hip-hop with professional dancer, Lindon Barr. You can even learn how to prepare traditional focaccia with Vittoria Veltri. I’m so here for the variety.

“We’ve got lots more courses in development and the emberly team is working really hard to build the platform as we continue to grow.” says Binz, “It’s definitely a journey and it’s lovely that our community has become part of that journey with us.” 

emberly wellness platform.
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How emberly Works

According to Upskilled, by engaging in new learnings you’re almost guaranteed to build confidence and boost your self-esteem. So, if that sounds like a bit of you, then a variety of emberly’s courses are available right now.

If you’re only captivated by a particular course – say Qigong for beginners, you can purchase a one-off course. If you want to fully immerse yourself, they also offer a membership programme. This gives customers unlimited access to over 70 classes.

About the membership system, founder Binz says, “I love that we have the opportunity to connect people with something they are passionate about, something they might not have otherwise realised brings them so much joy.”

You can access emberly’s courses on-demand and at your own pace. So, whether your body needs some Sunday morning R&R, or you want a dinner quick-fix, emberly has the answer.

emberly reviews 

emberly is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for self-improvement and relaxation. But don’t just take our word for it. Via Trustpilot, one emberly learner calls the platform “good for inspiration and being good to yourself”. Another user says the learning system is “difficult to get into tech-wise…but is very useful to be able to repeat classes as [they] learn”.

Another review posted via Trustpilot reads, “I haven’t found another platform that offers both the variety and quality of courses that Emberly does for such a reasonable cost. Can’t wait to enrol in the upcoming courses!”

Overall, it seems like the reaction to emberly’s current course offerings is positive. But what’s next for the wellness space?

Wellness Oasis

Emberly only launched at the tail end of 2021, so this is just the beginning of the self-development platform. According to their website, there are exciting courses coming to the digital space in the near future. Lessons on candle making, DJ’ing and reflexology are all expected to be released throughout the year.

According to Healthline, the latter is great for relieving “stress and anxiety”. Reflexology Canada says that practising reflexology has a “significant effect on reducing pain and improving physiological indicators such as blood pressure”. If these studies are correct, then sign me up immediately.

Now available internationally, emberly is set to become a one-stop wellness oasis. With so much exciting stuff on the horizon, keep up to date by following emberly on Instagram and via their website

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