Viral TikTok White Powdered Oranges

Here’s how much the white powdered viral TikTok oranges cost

My life is a lie.

You’ve seen the viral TikTok oranges videos. If not, your FYP might be broken. The platform has become obsessed with these outrageously juicy treats, with many fans asking what they must sacrifice for just a taste of such a delectable fruit.

We have the answer. It’ll set you back roughly $63 USD (£51.97) to buy a 5kg pack of the Ehime Jelly Oranges. Worth it?

Before you go splashing the cash, there’s a few things you should know about these viral TikTok oranges. It turns out these fruits aren’t as sweet as they seem. In fact, a TikToker has revealed they’re not even oranges. I’m screaming, crying, throwing up.

TikTok user Amy Ang (@amyy.ang) claims that the origins of these viral TikTok fruit videos aren’t what we first thought.

“Basically this entire video is stolen from Douyin which is basically the China version of TikTok,” she says.

She also says that allegedly, cutting content from Douyin and pasting it to international TikTok is a common trend. As these particular oranges have garnered millions of views, can we also expect content-stealing to appear more often?

Ang also claims that the oranges aren’t actually oranges. These juicy fruits are actually an orange-tangerine hybrid and “tastes more like a tangerine than an orange”, she says.

Ehime Jelly Orange

The orange imposter translates as ‘Ehime Jelly Orange’ in English and can apparently be quite sour. Ang says their sweetness level depends on what farm you purchase them from. The sweeter the fruit, the more expensive the price tag.

In a follow-up video, Ang also addresses the white powder caking the viral TikTok oranges before the farmer’s cut into them.

She says, “If you google ‘white powder on orange’ you get ‘white calcium carbonate on orange trees to protect from the sun,”

“Apparently it’s a really common thing to do… it prevents sun damage to fruits and veggies.” She continues. “It’s easy to wash off… but don’t come for me if it’s fake news.”

So to recap. Firstly, It’s not an orange. Secondly, It’s not sweet. The viral TikTok videos are also stolen content. The white powder that covers it is calcium and finally, the impersonator oranges also cost a fortune. It’ll set you back roughly $63 USD (£51.97) to buy a 5kg pack of the Ehime Jelly Oranges.

We know not to believe everything on the internet. Yet, here we are. Still disappointed and upset over food porn. Gutted just got a whole new meaning.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok