hot dog hard seltzer

A Texan brewery are releasing a hot dog flavoured hard seltzer

Will you be getting your hands on a can?

A Texas brewery is releasing a 5.2-percent-ABV hard seltzer this summer. It’s made using leftover hot dog water. No, I’m truly not kidding.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the hard seltzer from Martin House Brewing Company is made with leftover water from 52 pounds of boiled frankfurters. The wild beverage will be called ‘Awesome Sauce: Bun Length’ and will also be showcased at Glizzy Fest.

Glizzy Fest is a celebration of all-things hot dogs. The food festival takes place in the backyard of Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas. At the event, expect to see a classic hot dog eating contest and also a special drinks launch.

The official Facebook event for the celebration reads, “Awesome Sauce: Bun Length 5.2% – Hot Dog Water Seltzer” will be on draft. We will have 420 cans of Bun Length available to go for $4 each.” The food festival takes place on July 16 in Texas. 

What is Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer is essentially sparkling alcoholic water. Therefore, think hydration with a sizeable alcohol hit.

We’ve seen a huge boom in these beverages in the UK. In 2020, the UK’s hard seltzer category was reported by CGA and Kantar to be worth more than £10.4 million. But in the US, the alcoholic drink has an estimated $14.41 billion market revenue, according to Statista

Naturally, demand is higher in the UK. But is it high enough for a hot dog seltzer to survive?

To tempt fans into trying, Martin House Brewing has posted a video on its Instagram of the Awesome Sauce: Bun Length’ beginning stages. Did someone say ethanol hot dogs?

This experimental seltzer isn’t the only wild beverage the brewer has made. Their previously released mustard and pickle beer deserves a shout-out, too.

Unfortunately, the hot dog seltzer isn’t available in the UK as of yet. It would’ve been so perfect for those Wimbledon garden parties, right? But US readers, you can grab a can at Glizzy Fest for $4 or sample it on draft instead.

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Feature Image Credit: The Black Rabbit (via Unsplash)