Daily Harvest is in a ‘food poisoning scandal’ and we simply cannot look away

Customers are claiming the company needs a better response to their allegations of health issues.

Meal company Daily Harvest has come under fire on social media after customers have reported alarming health issues. Following the complaints online, the vegan corporation has since recalled one of their meals.

According to bon appetit, droves of customers took to social media to claim they had suffered adverse health conditions after eating Daily Harvest’s Lentil Leek Crumbles.

One Twitter user wrote, “It’s been a wild few days… PSA: if you’re a Daily Harvest subscriber DO NOT EAT/BUY the Lentil Leek Crumbles. If you have similarly spent time in the ER…let me know and take care of your liver.”

Another Instagram user claims, “What started as extremely intense upper abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and fatigue took a dark turn with the test results for my liver enzymes.” Furthermore, he continued, “The fatigue persisted for the next couple weeks and after almost a month I’m finally feeling like the energy levels are starting to come back.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, there’s a thread that Daily Harvest customers’ have started to document their allegations of illness. Adverse health issues including extreme stomach pain, sickness and liver damage have all reportedly been cited.

Lentil Leek Crumbles

Following these allegations, Daily Harvest have now recalled their Lentil Leek Crumbles. According to NBC News, the vegan meal company also sent out an email to subscribers with a $10 credit as an apology.

The company has also published this statement on Instagram:  

At the time of writing, the product description for the French Lentil and Leek Crumbles reads, ‘This item is temporarily discontinued. Please dispose of this item and do not eat it.

The vegan frozen meal company has stated that will “share more information as soon as it’s available”. They finally claim they do not yet know the cause of these ‘food poisoning’ claims in its customers. 

Featured Image Credit: Daily Harvest