Cuckoostone Distillery have created cheese-infused gin and vodka

In time for Christmas, you can now buy cheese-infused vodka and gin


Fancy something fun to wet your whistle with this festive season? A Derbyshire business called Cuckoostone Distillery has teamed up with a local creamery to release some cheese-infused vodka and gin.

Derbyshire’s Cuckoostone Distillery has partnered with Hartington Creamery to make a selection of cheesy alcohol. The spirits available are cheese-infused vodka, gin, pink gin and dry gin. 

However, despite the alcoholic spirits being made with dairy, they apparently don’t taste like them.

You can now buy cheese-infused vodka and cheese-infused gin from Cuckoostone Distillery.
Image credit: Cuckoostone Distillery

What do the distillers say about the bottles?

As per a press release, Bec Morgan from Cuckoostone Distillery said, “The distillate produces a delicate creaminess, which improves the mouthfeel of gin and vodka while providing a unique and unforgettable element to the spirit.

“At Cuckoostone Craft Distillery, fresh whey is regarded as a botanical, just like juniper or fennel as it enhances the flavour,” she continued. “The spirits can be used to create a plethora of cocktails, and would work especially well in ‘savoury’ ones, such as a Bloody Mary and a Fennel Gimlet, thanks to the unique blend of ingredients.”

So, you may be happy to know that the pink gin doesn’t taste cheesy. It does instead have that creamy, full-flavour feel in your mouth. Not to mention the endorphin rush!

Cheese-infused vodka and pink gin is here just in time for Christmas, thanks to Cuckoostone Distillery.
Cheese, anyone? Image credit: Adana Eisagholian (via Unsplash)

How to buy a bottle of cheese-infused vodka?

The website reads, “Ade and Bec collect the fresh Whey from Pikehall Farm and take the short journey back to Church Farm, where they lovingly create these unique expressions using foraged botanicals to create a world-first innovation.”

“The collaboration of two small Derbyshire artisans, Hartington Creamery and Cuckoostone Distillery, is waiting for you to discover and is only made in small batches,” it continues.

The whey that the alcohol is made comes from Hartington Creamery. Also, all milk used at this creamery comes from the beautiful Derbyshire Dales.

Hartington Creamery has teamed up with Cuckoostone Distillery to create cheese-infused vodka and gin.
Image credit: Stephen Rowson/Hartington Creamery

It’s also worth mentioning that this Haus of cheese is the smallest Stilton producer in the world. It is also the only one in Derbyshire!

You can now get your hands on all four bottles of Cuckoostone Distillery x Hartington Creamery spirits. The new and unique range comes in 70cl bottles and is usually priced at £39.00

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Featured image credit: Cuckoostone Distillery