Forget Pink Gin – Peach Gin Is The New Summer Drink

Enjoy it in your back garden!

At the moment, everything sucks. We know this. You can’t go outside much, and we’re going through a worldwide pandemic. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Gordon’s new peach gin is the solution to all of your problems – because it’s not. But it’s a damn good start.


In fact, I’ve got even more good news for you. There’s also a Sicilian Lemon flavour.


Although we may not be outside very much this summer, these will definitely give you the beer garden feel in your back garden, balcony, or even your front room.

You can pick up a bottle from ASDA for £13.

If you’re still after your pink gin fix, one company is delivering three-litres of the stuff right to your door.

Just when you thought coronavirus had ruined our summers, in comes some clever so-and-so with a way to bring the good stuff into our homes with contactless delivery.

As the Government clamps down on heading to the shops for non-essential items, there’s been a big debate on whether alcohol is an essential item. I’m calling it now, with the weather getting better and the nights getting longer, a chilled goblet of pink gin with plenty of ice while you sit in the garden is a definite essential.


Ensuring happy hour goes on for a lot longer as you set up shop with your own at-home pub, Pinkster is selling a “Giant Gin Box” and it’s a snip sip at just £100. That might sound like a lot, but it’s currently on sale and reduced from £135.

The description explains, “From boats to BBQs, Glastonbury to Glyndebourne, it’s gin on tap with our stylish and sustainable bag-in-box. Equivalent to just over four regular bottles, this holds over 100 serves, saving you a whopping £50 and a load of glass recycling. Here’s to portable pouring.”

While you won’t be able to go boating or to Glastonbury for the foreseeable future *sob*, you can have your own imaginary Glasto as you get sloshed in your garden. Why not get your neighbours to join in from a safe distance and put on their own concert from next-door? It already sounds like a great idea.

We weren’t the only ones who had our attention turned by Pinkster. After the post went out on Instagram, thirsty gin fans couldn’t wait to pour a glass. One wrote, “On tap. Just putting it out there ?”, while another said, “Wow! This might get me through home schooling! ?”.


A third added, “This might get me through!!! ?????? ?”. Even though we’re here to support sensible drinking, I’m not sure how long it would take me to get through this during such a time of crisis.

You might remember when pink gin was all the rage over the Christmas period, but summer is supposed to be a big boom for the industry. With us confined to our homes for who knows how long, at least companies like Pinkster are still making a living and keeping us stocked through coronavirus.

Featured image credit: Gordon’s