11 ways to keep your bedroom cool during the UK heatwave

11 hacks for cooling down your bedroom in the UK heatwave

It's getting hot in here.

Literal sizzling summer weather has hit Britain this week, seeing the majority of residents experiencing a UK heatwave. Spontaneous beer garden gatherings and hot weather hangouts are on the cards, alongside cold water swims and lush afternoon walks.

However, while the hot weather can be glorious during the day, those sticky, humid nights? Not so much.

Despite its positive, mood-boosting attributes, the sunny season can also have a detrimental effect. Hot weather can negatively impact your ability to experience a peaceful night as well as decrease your sleep hygiene levels.

So, are you someone who is struggling to sleep in the heat? If you and your bedroom needs some chill factor, then here are 11 of the best tips and tricks for keeping your room cool during the UK heatwave.

1 – Keep your blackout blinds closed

If your bedroom window often catches the scorching sunshine, you should try to keep your curtains closed during the day.

By keeping your curtains or blackout blinds shut at peak times, your room is less likely to overheat thus avoiding feeling like you’re in a greenhouse.

2 – Do away with your duvet

Ditch your duvet in favour of your duvet cover this summer. Using a cover or a flat sheet as a blanket is an easy hack to achieving a cooler night’s sleep.

3 – Sleep in silk

After ditching your duvet, why not go one further and swap your classic cotton sheets for a silk duvet cover? Silk has sweat-wicking abilities, is naturally absorbent and also adapts to your body temperature.

Sleeping in silk is sure to keep you cool and dry during the UK heatwave. 

4 – Freeze your bedsheets 

By freezing your bedsheets, you’ll provide yourself with a calming sleeping environment. Simply stack your chosen sheets in the freezer for a few minutes. Put them back on your bed and slip in for a cool sleep. 

While the frozen sheets won’t last forever, they should instantly lower the scorching temperature in your room. 

5 – Unplug your electronics at night

If you’re guilty of charging your electronics while you sleep, you may want to switch that up. Ever-running gadgets, overnight charging and leaving Netflix on standby all generate excess heat. So, if you don’t need to use it overnight, unplug it.

Unplug your electronics at night to keep your bedroom cool during the UK heatwave.
Image credit: AltumCode (via Unsplash)

6 – Beat the rising heat

Hot air tends to rise. So the closer you are to the ground, the less likely you are to overheat. If you sleep in a tall bed, why not haul your mattress to the floor for some instant cool vibes? 

Or, if you live in a multi-floor home, you could go one step further and set up camp on the lowest floor instead. Did somebody say sleepover club?

7 – Bring foliage into the fold

Have you thought about moving your plant collection into your bedroom? When temperatures rise, indoor plants actually release excess water. Your Forna friend and the atmosphere cools down simultaneously. 

If you’ve got Chinese evergreens or snake plants littering your apartment, shift them into your bedroom for a cooler night’s sleep. 

8 – Roll out your rugs

A senior vice president of installations, Michael DiMartino, told Best Life that, “adding carpeting to your floor is an often overlooked yet easy way to add insulation to your home.”

If you’re a renter, then using a rug in your bedroom is a great way to keep the heat out during the UK heatwave.

Remember, insulation keeps the cold out during the winter while also keeping the heat out during summer.

Keep your bedroom cool during the UK heatwave by rolling out a rug for insulation.
Image credit: Sonnie Hiles (via Unsplash)

9 – Salad for supper

Trust me, hot weather is not the time to try out that new casserole recipe. According to Great Eastern Energy, cooking on the stove actually raises your whole house’s temperature.

So, for a better night’s sleep, forego that three-course meal. Why not opt for a classic picky-bits picnic tea or a no-cook superfood salad instead?

10 – Plug up your doors

Stop heat from creeping under your bedroom door by using a draft excluder. You can buy a dedicated product or use a rolled-up towel to cut costs. Keep your bedroom door closed and place your draft excluder at the bottom. Cold air in, hot air out. 

11 – Create your own cool air

Swap hot and humid air for a cool indoor breeze. All you have to do is dampen a towel or sheet, hang it over your open window and prepare to knock out z’s in comfort. 

Once up, all air rushing through your open windows will hit the damp towel. It’s the perfect remedy for sweltering summer nights.

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