New metaverse-inspired fashion from Loewe is crazy good

Loewe’s new metaverse-inspired fashion collection is wild

Welcome to the future!

Thanks to Loewe’s new pixelated clothing collection, you can now wear metaverse-inspired fashion in real life. 

At Paris Fashion Week last month, Loewe showcased their mind-boggling, Minecraft-inspired new clothing line. The collection seamlessly blends reality with the metaverse – and social media is obsessed. 

While the pixel clothing collection seems to be a runway exclusive right now – it’s thought that Loewe could also bring these metaverse-inspired fashion pieces to stores across the world. 

This means that fans could soon purchase a piece of pixelated fashion themselves, instead of just seeing them online.

What is included in the pixelated collection?

The collection includes virtual-inspired hoodies, t-shirts and trousers. Could this innovative collection be telling of the future of fashion?

Loewe's new metaverse-inspired fashion collection is crazy.
Image credit: Loewe

Of course, Loewe isn’t the only house to start producing metaverse-inspired fashion. Recently Burberry actually branched out into digital fashion. They brought a bunch of designer bags into Roblox earlier this year.

Burberry x Roblox

About the limited-edition drop, Burberry said that the collection was, “a unique partnership rooted in creativity and self-expression.”

They also said that the Roblox designer bags, “allow the player to unapologetically express themselves and their avatar in the digital space,”

These bags were digital versions of their iconic Lola bag – and marked the first time that Burberry had crossed over into the metaverse.

Karlie Kloss x Roblox

Swiftly following in the footsteps of Burberry was model Karlie Kloss, who brought a series of exclusive pop-up shops to Roblox. 

Called ‘Karlie’s Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase’, the in-game event saw Kloss and esteemed digital designer, Builder Boy, bringing an exclusive range of clothing to the metaverse. 

About the collection, Builder Boy told Vogue that they “took inspiration from streetwear and Miami flex culture and tropical vibes.”

While Kloss herself said via Vogue, “I understand why people are a little bit overwhelmed or confused by the metaverse.

“But the reality is, I believe we are already deeply immersed in a kind of connecting and communicating in a virtual capacity.”

So, Loewe might be the first house to bring metaverse-inspired fashion to the runway. But will we be seeing more of this?

Or, will brands be diving into the metaverse more frequently, producing exclusive digital drops much like Burberry and Kloss?

Keep your eyes peeled for more meta content.

Featured image credit: Loewe