Another digital fashion release has found its way to Roblox. This time Burberry have released a virtual handbag into the game.

How Burberry is bringing digital fashion to the metaverse

Roblox fans, take note.

Burberry’s digital fashion debut in Robox might be right up your street if you’re strapped for cash but desperate for a designer bag.

In an exclusive partnership with the online gaming platform, Roblox, Burberry has created a five-piece virtual handbag collection. 

These handbags are of course a digital re-imagination of the brand’s signature Lola bag. The accessory is also inspired by outdoor elements, with each being virtually ‘made’ from items like butterflies, clouds and water. 

Burberry Lola Bag

According to the Burberry site, the virtual Lola bag collection is, “a unique partnership rooted in creativity and self-expression,”

“Burberry x Roblox introduces our signature Lola bag to the gaming world through five virtual designs and emotes. Each [bag is] available for 24 hours from 11 – 15 July,” the site continues.

All five virtual Burberry bags will be available to purchase for 800 of the game’s virtual currency, Robux.

As of the time of writing, the Hydra and Gem bags are currently on sale in the official Roblox store. The Bloom and Reflex bags are also set to round off the exclusive drop later this week.

Digital fashion, The Hydra Burberry Lola Bag was also created exclusively for Robox. Image credit: Burberry/Roblox.
The Hydra Burberry Lola Bag was created exclusively for Robox.
Image credit: Burberry/Roblox.

The wearable digital fashion pieces come with their own ‘emote’ which allows avatars to dance or levitate while wearing.

Burberry x Roblox

Burberry says the digital fashion pieces in Roblox are ultimately, “Designed to empower self-expression.”

“Each bag allows the player to unapologetically express themselves and their avatar in the digital space,” Burberry also says. 

This statement is also echoed by the VP of global partnerships at Roblox, Christina Wootton.

According to High Snobiety, she said, “For our global community of over 50 million daily active users, self-expression through digital fashion and personalization of avatars is an important part of their day-to-day experience on the platform,”

Builder Boy

The time-limited Burberry x Roblox collection has been created in partnership with renowned Roblox designer, Builder Boy. 

The talented digital fashion enthusiast, Builder Boy, has brought all five Lola bags to life in Roblox. However, in a Tweet, he reveals ‘The NIMBUS [bag] was my favourite to create.”

Following the Burberry digital fashion drop, Builder Boy has also recently been announced to be working on a series of exclusive Roblox pop-up shops with Karlie Kloss. 

Karlie’s Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase

Called the ‘Karlie’s Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase’, the partnership between Builder Boy and Kloss will see five Roblox shops filled with virtual fashion pieces coming to the platform.

The in-game event will run from July 12 through July 25. This means that like the Burberry Lola bags, the digital fashion items will also only be available for a certain amount of time. 

Builder Boy told Vogue that the collaboration, “took inspiration from streetwear, and Miami flex culture, and tropical vibes.”

Of her move into digital fashion, Kloss reportedly says to Vogue, “I understand why people are a little bit overwhelmed or confused by the metaverse. But the reality is, I believe we are already deeply immersed in a kind of connecting and communicating in a virtual capacity.”

Karlie’s fashion Klossette Designer Showcase takes place between July 12 – July 25 via Roblox. 

The Burberry Lola Bag drop, in collaboration with Builder Boy and Roblox, will continue until July 15.

Feature Image Credit: Burberry/Roblox