Netflix’s new documentary will tap into controversial orgasm company, OneTaste

Ready for a wild ride?

A controversial documentary centred around wellness company OneTaste is heading to Netflix later this month. We suggest you buckle in because this one is going to be a wild ride. 

On November 5, Netflix’s new documentary, Orgasm Inc: The Story Of OneTaste, will hit the streaming service

The show’s purpose is to journey through the rise and demise of OneTaste, a “sexual wellness company [that] gains fame and followers for its practice of ‘orgasmic meditation’.” 

A new Netflix Documentary called Orgasm Inc: The Story Of OneTaste is coming to the streaming service in November.
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Who is the founder Nicole Daedone?

15 years ago, OneTaste founder, Nicole Daedone, promised that “orgasmic meditation” would lead subscribers on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. 

This practice, (known in the community as “OM”) is apparently a unique blend of meditation and sexual stimulation.

Founder Daedone herself was once considered a darling of the sexual wellness world. At one point, she was even endorsed by GOOP founder and actor, Gwyneth Paltrow

However, in 2017 she sold her 15-year stake in OneTaste and apparently fled the US.

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In the summer of 2022, the Californian businesswoman brought a libel claim out against the BBC. This was due to Radio 4’s ten-part podcast, ‘The Orgasm Cult’ which also centred on the controversial history of OneTaste. 

Like the Radio 4 podcast, the investigative documentary will explore the rapid rise of OneTaste and how this sexual wellness giant attracted a cult-like following in the San Francisco tech bubble.

Controversies surrounding OneTaste will be explored

The investigative documentary will then dive into the controversial claims that former members are currently making. 

These alleged negative declarations include reports of sex trafficking, fraud, violations of labour law and prostitution within the OneTaste community. 

According to Netflix, past members of OneTaste are also citing that under Daedone’s leadership, they were apparently experiencing “coercion, manipulation and verbal, emotional and sexual abuse”. 

It’s also worth mentioning that OneTaste and Daedon are currently under investigation by the FBI for these claims. 

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Naturally, given the subject of this Netflix documentary, there are a heap of content warnings attached. 

Included in the investigative programme are descriptions of sexual acts, suicidal ideation, and scenes of a graphic and sexual nature. So please be wary if you are a sensitive viewer. 

But not everyone is happy about the documentary

While you may be excited to watch the drama unfold, apparently some former members are not happy about the new Netflix documentary. 

According to Page Six, some former members of the orgasmic wellness group are accusing Netflix of using “stolen footage.” 

The collective is apparently calling themselves ‘The Real People of OneTaste’. 

The collective is reportedly claiming that “the documentary was largely produced using footage that was stolen and sold to the producers,” and also includes “very sensitive and private facts” that have apparently been used without permission. 

When can you watch the investigative documentary?

So, will you be embarking on this crazy journey? If so, you can now watch the trailer for Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste below.

The new Netflix investigative documenter is due to premiere via Netflix on November 5 2022. 

Feature image credit: Netflix