Boop tape company Perky Pear on second largest billboard in Europe. Endorsed by Vicky Pattinson

Boob tape company campaigns on Europe’s second-largest billboard

Perky Pear is endorsed by Vicky Pattinson.

The second-largest billboard in Europe is broadcasting a body-positive boob tape campaign from Perky Pear. The movement, backed by TV star Vicky Pattinson, urges women to wear whatever they want. It’s game-changing, to say the least.

Perky Pear is advertising their #UPLIFTINGYOU campaign on the side of Victoria Warehouse in Salford, Greater Manchester. However, it’s the “first ever time this billboard has shown cleavage like this,” says founder Samantha Ryder to The MEN.

Perky Pear provides “solutions to go bra free in any style”. The company was founded by Samantha and her twin sister Charlotte. 

“To be going from building this business with my sister from my mum’s living room in Stockport to having the second-largest billboard in Europe. [It] feels incredibly surreal”. Samantha says

Vicky Pattinson

The #UPLIFTINGYOU campaign also stars Vicky Pattinson. In a promotion video, the Geordie says, “Perky Pear is on a mission to uplift you, body and mind. Because, when you feel good in your clothes, it just shows.”

The celebrity ambassador has also previously shared her personal thoughts on the campaign. 

As reported by The MEN, Vicky says, “The campaign is all about making women feel good inside and out. Perky Pear is a brand that wants people to feel confident and good about themselves… show that it’s not about changing who you are or hiding your so-called ‘flaws’. It’s about making the most of what you’ve got and feeling good doing it”.

The Salford billboard promotes people with breasts loving their bodies. About this Perky Pear advertisement, Samantha says, “It’s the first time ever this billboard has shown cleavage like this and I think it’s so important to let women know they can wear whatever they want and love their bodies.” 

“Us women already have enough to worry about – how to hide bra straps doesn’t have to be one of them,” she continues. “Many of our customers say our products have taken the stress and limitations out of their wardrobe options”.

A Boob Job. How much does it cost?

The company provides a breast lift and shape tape range. It offers the same results as a surgical breast lift.  According to the NHS, the average boob job costs anything between £3500 – £8000. Therefore, it seems like Perky Pear has struck gold. 

The innovative tape is designed to be supportive and breathable and deliver instant results to customers. So, whether you’re a AA cup or G, there’s a Perky Pear boob tape suitable for you.

Vicky Pattinson isn’t the only celebrity endorsing this female-fronted business. Former Love Island contestant Oliva Bowen and also Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson have praised Perky Pear.

Marnie Simpson wearing the Perky Pear boob tape while pregnant. Image Credit: Marnie Simpson / @marns
Marnie Simpson wearing the Perky Pear boob tape while pregnant. Image Credit: Marnie Simpson / @marns

Thus, Perky Pear’s #UPLIFTINGYOU campaign is transforming the way that people with breasts feel about their bodies. For more information, see their website.

Feature Image Credit: Perky Pear