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‘Expensive’ Aldi Specialbuys Bell Tent has shoppers divided

What do you think on this?

A divisive Aldi SpecialBuys Bell Tent has shoppers up in arms due to its higher-than-expected price tag.

The budget supermarket has released a stylish glamping Bell Tent just in time for the festival season. However, at £399, not everyone is sold on this SpecialBuys bargain.

Recently, Aldi posted a promotion for the tent on their Facebook. The caption reads, “who doesn’t need a Bell Tent this summer?!”

However, the post has garnered some hilarious responses and has thus divided Aldi fans.

One Facebook user wrote, “presumably this tent comes with a four-poster bed, butler service and inbuilt WiFi for that price.” Another commenter joked, “Just nipped in for milk and a few bits, came home with a tent, not me but I bet others have.”

Essentials for camping

Made with 100% cotton canvas, this canvas Bell Tent is perfect for glamping and pitching in festival fields. In addition, it’s fully waterproof and has built-in ventilation to keep you cool on scorching days. 

According to the Aldi site, this Bell Tent is super easy to assemble. With a minimum pitch of only two poles, the Bell Tent should take just 20 minutes to pitch. Less time pitching and more time partying – I like it.

While some shoppers believe the price to be extortionate, in true Aldi SpecialBuys style, it’s actually cheaper than leading retailers’.

A 5m Bell Tent from Go Outdoors will set you back by £700 while an ANDES‘ offering is a little less at £499.99. By purchasing from Aldi, you could save nearly £200 on your glamping equipment. 

This Aldi Specialbuys is an online exclusive. You won’t find this camping essential in the budget supermarket’s middle aisle. However, you can’t snooze on this offer. Like all SpecialBuys, once the product is gone, it’s gone for good.

If you’re heading to a festival field this summer, you need this Bell Tent in your life. Why not check-out Aldi’s other camping essentials while you’re at it? 

Aldi’s SpecialBuys currently have everything on offer from a wearable sleeping bag onesie, to a collapsable washing machine. We don’t know who is washing their clothes at Glastonbury Festival or at free campsites across the US and UK, but someone must be, right?

The glamping Bell Tent from Aldi is available online now for £399.99.

What is glamping?

‘Glamping’ is essentially glamorous camping. Think camping in luxury, sans mud and unsavoury portable toilets. It’s all about escaping into the wilderness but doing it in style. Canvas Bell Tents are the usual suspects, but you can stay in everything from safari tents to yurts, shepherd’s huts and treehouses.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi