People Have Found A Creative Way To ‘Go On Holiday’ During Lockdown

The new trend has gone viral on social media!

Many people were forced to cancel their upcoming holidays and trips after the world was forced into global lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped people making the best of a bad situation – and it’s a testament to how creative anyone can be when forced to adapt to new regulations.

People have been buying camping tents for their back gardens, and partnered with the gorgeous sunshine the UK has seen over the last few weeks, they’re going on exciting outdoor holidays from the comfort of their own home. Such a creative hack!

Rather than paying £600+ to shell out on a holiday, UK residents are cutting the costs to less than £100 by popping up a tent in their dwellings, which is such a good idea considering so many tents are on offer while travel is a no-go area.

Where Tomorrow Family Size Tent

Best part about camping in your own garden is that you can still have the luxury of popping to the toilet, or using your kitchen to cook up some delicious grub – but you also get to feel like you’re in a completely different environment. 2020 is set to be the year of the staycation, and if you’re already on the camping in the garden trend you’ll be ready for July when all the UK campsites re-open!

With payday upon us and the amazing weather not looking to go anytime soon, why not treat yourself and your household to a camping experience. Pick an easy, pop-up tent, grab some comfy blankets and snacks, light up the BBQ and forget the world’s troubles for a night or two.

Where Tomorrow has some AMAZING deals on camping equipment that will be perfect for helping you still have your holiday for half of the price! All of their tents pop-up in just 10 seconds, meaning you won’t have to spend HOURS fiddling with poles, or getting stressed out in the heat.

The Easy Pop-Up Tent – Family

Where Tomorrow

The Easy Pop-Up Tent – Light (Half Price Sale)

Where Tomorrow

The Easy Pop-Up Tent – Dome

Where Tomorrow

And tents aren’t the only thing you’ll need, Where Tomorrow also has tons of accessories to buy for your camping trip, like a 50-Piece Beer Pong kit, a Pop-Up Gazebo and even their best-selling hammock, which has been reduced from £30 to £16!

Where Tomorrow

Cost efficient way to keep the kids entertained during lockdown, or even to share a cosy night with a loved one in the comfort of your own home.

[Featured Image Credit: Pexels ]