VAIN x McDonald's is the new fashion line turning old uniforms into serious drip

VAIN x McDonald’s: a Finnish streetwear brand is transforming fast food uniforms into runway fashion

We're lovin' it!

Finnish fashion brand VAIN has teamed up with McDonald’s to transform drab staff uniforms into new drip. The result is VAIN x McDonald’s, a sustainable fashion line exploring both the identity of the fast food brand and how clothes can be manipulated. 

The campaign from VAIN is called ‘VAIN x McDonald’s: Fast Food, Slow Fashion,’. Working with McDonald’s Finland, Vain has created, “an exclusive fashion collection… made almost entirely from the restaurant chain’s used staff uniforms,”

What is the campaign all about?

The campaign overview reads, “The designs explore new ways of utilizing the worn-out workwear, while also placing McDonald’s familiar employee uniforms in the context of contemporary fashion.’

Moreover, it says, “The clothes were designed in a search of new ways to use worn-out workwear and to create new designs by using already existing materials. McDonald’s has a strong and iconic visual identity. This identity is incorporated into each and every single one of the 13 looks.”

VAIN x McDonald's is the new sustainable fashion line upcycling staff uniforms.
Image credit: McDonald’s Finland

Thirteen put-together looks have been created by VAIN’s designer, Jimi Vain and also Roope Reinola. The former, a Helsinki-based creative, said that when presented with a uniform project, he was “immediately intrigued.”

“Growing up in a very rural part of Finland, there weren’t really any dedicated spaces for us to hang out as teenagers,” he said. “The local McDonald’s sort of fulfilled that function for us. It was accessible to anyone and was a familiar vibe,” he also added.

“Also, it was the closest we could get to global pop culture out there in the north. We spent many evenings, and made many memories, hanging around the local McDonald’s in our teens”,

What does the VAIN CEO think about it?

About the VAIN x McDonald’s line, co-founder Reinola also added, “The work uniforms include familiar colours, patterns, and details that everybody can recognize. Being playful with the silhouettes has been pleasant as the McDonald’s brand attributes come along”

VAIN has upcycled McDonald’s workwear so beautifully, that we’re so entranced by the iconic golden arches. We need one of everything, ASAP.

The VAIN x McDonald’s drop features 30 pieces. The collection includes a leather-look jacket, a skirt made of used belts and also a gingham midi dress.

You can purchase the pieces in Finland now.

Featured image credit: McDonald’s Finland/VAIN