Why you should try the Yoga with Adriene 30-day challenge in January 2023

2023 is the year of mindful movement.

YouTube’s resident Yogi, Adriene Mishler has created a 30-day yoga challenge set to kickstart a year of daily movement and create a “healthy and harmonious connection between the brain, the body and the soul.”

Whether your New Year projects revolve around being kinder to yourself, practising wellness or just moving more, Yoga with Adriene’s new programme is on-hand to raise your heart rate and help you relax.

‘Centre: A 30-Day Yoga Journey’ is the free programme that Mishler is offering via her YouTube channel this month.

Yoga with Adriene has a new 30-day 2023 challenge set to kickstart your year of daily movement and healthy habits.
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What does Ariene Mishler say about the challenge?

In a video explaining the concept, she says, “It is a programme that we offer for the community and people worldwide to connect to themselves in a new way,”

“This is designed to support your body but also this idea of whole body mental health,” Mishler continues. “The idea around these practices is that through daily centring we can create a more healthy and harmonious connection between the brain, the body and the soul,”

Mishler also believes that the 30-day Yoga challenge is an “incredible way to start the year and an incredible thing to return to maybe in another month throughout the year so you can see how you’ve evolved and how things have changed.”

The 30-day Yoga programme features more than just movement

According to the Yoga With Adriene website, the programme has been, “designed for whole body mental health.” It’s also apparently suitable for total beginners and yoga gurus alike, due to its featuring various pose modifications and enhancements. 

During the 30-day Yoga With Adriene journey, you can expect to learn about yourself and your body, sink deeper into yoga practice, and also make firm friends with Mishler’s dog, Benji.

Yoga with Adriene's new 30-day Yoga Challenge is perfect for kickstarting your year of movement and building healthy habits in 2023.
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The programme also includes more than just tree pose and sun salutations. When you embark on the journey, expect to practice breathwork, meditation, self-massage and even some sweat and laughter. 

Mishler, who is based in Austin, Texas, is a firm favourite in the Yoga world. With her 11.6 million YouTube subscribers and hundreds of yoga and meditation videos, she’s a fantastic friend to accompany you into 2023 and beyond.

So, will you be taking the Centre: A 30-Day Yoga Journey with Mishler? If so, let us know your thoughts across our socials!

Featured image credit: Zen Bear Yoga via Unsplash