11 of the best tried and tested non-alcoholic drinks cans and bottles

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Over the course of the summer, I’ve had the hard job of trying and testing some of the best low-alcohol beverages and non-alcoholic drinks on the market right now. 

I’ve sampled everything from sweet, low-alcoholic mead to refreshing 0.5% apple cider in order to provide the ultimate non-alcoholic drinks guide. 

So maybe you’re planning for an end-of-summer picky bits garden party? Or, you’re hunkering down for tipples in front of Saturday night television? Whatever you’re doing, by opting for low-alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks you could avoid those nasty Sunday morning hangovers.

According to Alcohol Change, one in three British people reported reducing their alcohol consumption during the first UK lockdown. 

Further to this, a report by Lucky Saint revealed that now 37% of people regularly drink non-alcoholic beverages at home.

Moreover, UK Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines state that these non-alcoholic drinkers are more likely to sleep better, have more energy and have better mental wellbeing.

So, if you’re thinking of making a change but aren’t 100% sure what products are worth their weight in salt, then here are 11 tried, tested and loved non-alcoholic drinks. 

Please note that while a couple of these drinks are completely booze-free, some do contain very small amounts of alcohol.

As such, those that fit the bill of the latter will not be suitable for those who don’t drink for example, for religious reasons.

Crave energy drinks

Are you looking for a cocktail substitute that will wake you up? If so, let me introduce you to Crave.

Crave produce sparkling natural energy drinks jampacked with vitamins and immune system-supporting good stuff. Flavours currently available are Passionfruit and Vanilla, Lime and Mint and Pineapple and Coconut. The latter is an innovative take on the classic Pina Colada cocktail.

Crave cocktail energy drinks. The best tried and tested Non alcoholic drinks.
Image credit: Crave

This non-alcoholic drink is an excellent and fun alternative that you can take to festival campsites or drink through the end of summer.

With zero sugar and just 10 calories per can, I think I may have found my new favourite selection of non-alcoholic drinks. 

Everleaf Marine Spritz cans

If the event calls for boujee non-alcoholic drinks, then come armed with cans of Everleaf spritz

Right now the brand has three delicious ready-to-drink cans on offer; Forest Spritz, Mountain Spritz and Marine Spritz.

Image credit: Everleaf

My favourite, the Marine Spritz, is made with sustainably-sourced botanicals including umami-soaked kelp to tropical sea buckthorn. It’s smooth and crisp yet somewhat strangely sweet. 

At 0.5% ABV, the Everleaf Marine Spritz is an absolute joy to drink, and drink again.

Bax Botanics ready-to-drink cans

Beach bum or outside adventurer, the Bax Botanics range definitely has something to appeal to all. 

Their Zingy Lemon Verbena & Tonic cans are wickedly refreshing while their Smooth Sea Buckthorn & Tonic tins are perfect for winding down the evening with.

The latter features orange, rosemary and a hint of spice, while the Zingy Lemon Verbena cans have subtle mint, fennel and floral flavours. 

Both cans are ready-to-drink, making them essential for evenings spent by the sea. These cans are also totally alcohol-free, coming in at 0.0% ABV.

non-alcoholic drinks
Image credit: Bax Botanics

Big Drop Brewing Co. – Uptime Craft Lager

Easy drinking with a hint of caramel, the Big Drop Brewing Co. Uptime Craft Lager is the perfect entry-level craft beer beverage.

Big Drop Brewing Co. is known for packing serious flavour into their non-alcoholic drinks, and the Uptime Craft Lager is no exception.

Image credit: Big Drop Brewing Co.

If you like floral flavours and a little pinch of spice washed down with a slice of orange, then this low-alcoholic beer will accompany you through festival fields or matchday weekends.

The Uptime Craft Lager is 0.5% ABV and is both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Big Drop Brewing Co. – Galactic Milk Stout

The Big Drop Brewing Co. Alcohol-Free Galactic Milk Stout won the World’s Best Style award at the 2020 World Beer Awards, and for good reason too.

With delicious notes of honeycomb and chocolate, this creamy 0.5% ABV product is the ultimate treat yourself beverage.

However, for allergen purposes it is worth mentioning that the Galactic Milk Stout is made with lactose.

Image credit: Big Drop Brewing Co.

Crafty Nectar – 0.5% Cider

Described as a ‘unicorn’ cider, Crafty Nectar cider is made by pressing west country apples. The result is a sweet, zingy light cider that is both gluten-free and suitable for vegans. 

Low-alcoholic drinks fans will also be pleased to know that this taste sensation is only 0.5% ABV.

I tried mine via ZeroZiltchZip, an online non-alcoholic drinks marketplace.

non-alcoholic drinks from ZeroZiltchZip.
Image credit: ZeroZiltchZip

Square Root Mojito and Square Root Negroni Spritz

Cutting out the booze from your diet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a cheeky cocktail or five with the girls. Perfect for park-based picnics, Square Root’s collection of sparkling non-alcoholic cocktails is both refreshing and sophisticated.

I’ve tried and tested both the Square Root non-alcoholic Mojito and non-alcoholic Negroni Spritz flavours and I’m a huge fan of both. The latter is a punchy, bitter take on the real deal while the non-alcoholic mojito is equal parts zingy and minty. 

As far as non-alcoholic substitutes go, these are the real deal. 

I tried mine via ZeroZiltchZip, an online non-alcoholic drinks marketplace.

Bemuse Mead

If you’re looking for an all-natural beverage that’s big on flavour sans booze, then Bemuse’s sparkling low alcohol mead may be for you.

Bemuse non-alcoholic mead flavours include raspberry, hops-infused, ginger and cardamom and our favourite, tarragon basil & hops

Image credit: Bemuse Mead

The latter is made with Ling Heather blossoms found on the moors of Scotland, creating a sweet and slightly smoky flavour profile. All four flavours are 0.5%, making these cans unique non-alcoholic drinks.

Lucky Saint

Unfiltered and virtually alcohol-free, Lucky Saint is the king of alcohol-free beers. With a citrus finish and refreshingly fruity taste, it’s no wonder that everyone from Time Out to The Independent is raving about this easy-drinking lager. 

330ml bottles of Lucky Saint are vegan and 0.5% ABV. According to their website, that’s the same amount of alcohol as a ripe banana. 

Image credit: Lucky Saint

Mikkeller Henry Gose Lightly 

At 0.3%, the Mikkeller Henry Gose Lightly is a German-style sour beer. It has a high amount of wheat with a strong coriander taste, allowing this low-alcoholic beer to be slightly dry and insanely moreish.

Gose itself became extinct in 1966 but is currently going through a resurgence. It’s truly never been a better time to jump into this popular low beer.

Image credit: ZeroZiltchZip

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