Baileys have released a limited edition bottle of Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail

Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail is a sweet Espresso Martini alternative

Baileys raising the game. 18+

Dessert lovers and coffee aficionados will be delighted to hear that Baileys have released a brand-new adult sweet treat – Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail.

The new flavour from the Irish cream brand is Baileys reimaged. The creamy drink features notes of rich, sweet chocolate and bitter coffee. AKA a match made in heaven.

Inspired by the classic Italian dessert, Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail is perfect for drinking neat but is always recommended on the rocks. 

Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail
Image credit: Baileys

Tiramisu with a Twist cocktail recipe

Or, if you want to go one step further, the drinks brand has also released a unique ‘Tiramisu with a Twist’ cocktail recipe.

Essentially a sweeter version of the classic Espresso Martini, the Tiramisu with a Twist cocktail is perfect for alfresco dining or sharing with friends by the post-summer fire. 

To make this alcoholic drink, you simply shake 50ml of the Irish cream with 25ml of Vodka. Baileys themselves recommend Smirnoff Vodka, but any reliable household brand will do. 

Once successfully shaken, pour the mixture over ice and into a lithe-stemmed martini glass. Garnish yours with cocoa powder and add a chocolate wafer for a delectable finishing touch.

Baileys Dessert Flavours

However, if Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail isn’t doing it for you, then why not try another bottle of Baileys limited-edition dessert flavours?

Right now, there’s everything from Baileys Eaton Mess to a moreish Baileys Red Velvet cream. Baileys Apple Pie and Baileys Birthday Cake flavours are also available to purchase nationwide for a limited time.

Image credit: Baileys

A bottle of Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail and sibling flavours will set you back by £17 RRP. However, a Baileys Dessert Bundle, featuring four delicious flavours, is also available to purchase via The Bottle Club. 

So, whether you’re after an Espresso Martini alternative or want something sensational to drizzle over your favourite ice cream, it has to be Baileys Tiramisu Cocktail.

Image credit: Baileys

We can’t wait to try this new tipple.

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Feature image credit: Baileys.