How the TikTok algorithm change may affect your reach if you make mature content

How the new TikTok algorithm might affect your content reach

The FYP is getting an upgrade.

TikTok is currently making changes to its For You Page algorithm while also introducing more robust levels of content moderation.

Soon, the TikTok algorithm will empower users to take control of their social media experience. This will be achieved using a tool that will filter out specific words or hashtags on videos. 

TikTok algorithm change. Image credit: May Gauthier (via Unsplash)
Image credit: May Gauthier (via Unsplash)

A statement from TikTok says that the proposed tool will, “empower viewers with ways to customise their viewing experience,”

“We’re rolling out a tool people can use to automatically filter out videos with words or hashtags they don’t want to see from their For You or Following feeds – whether because you’ve just finished a home project and no longer want DIY tutorials or if you want to see fewer dairy or meat recipes as you move to more plant-based meals,” the TikTok statement continues. 

The word-based filters will firstly focus on video descriptions and text-based stickers. However, there’s a chance this could be extended through to automatic captioning and transcripts, too.

Content Levels

As well as creating a totally interchangeable For You Page, TikTok has also announced the introduction of ‘Content Levels’.

In the coming weeks, the TikTok algorithm is set to introduce maturity scores to all videos. This will prevent 13-17 year-olds from watching content with mature or complex themes. 

“Our focus remains to create the safest and most enjoyable experience for our community,” says TikTok.

It’s thought that the Content Levels system will both deliver mature content warnings and also physically remove videos from minors’ For You Pages.

This rating system is similar to those currently used across the gaming and filming industries. 

If you regularly create content aimed at a mature audience, you may see a dip in reach once both the new TikTok algorithm tools come into play.

Apparently, these safeguarding features will be available to everyone using the app ‘in the coming weeks’. 

Feature image credit: Hello I’m Nik/Shingi Rice (via Unsplash)