Businesswoman makes rented home DIY easy with peel and stick vinyl

Renter DIY on a budget!

Hall renovation breaking the bank? Dream kitchen but no dough? From upcycling furniture to renter-friendly retiling, Jes Rose Peel & Stick Vinyl is on hand to transform your home into a perfect paradise.

Designed with renters and interior obsessives in mind, Jes Rose Vinyl currently makes vinyl rolls and Peel and Stick Tiles in over 500 colours and prints. Whether you’re a maximalist, or prefer to practice minimalism, there’s an Aztec print or monochrome shade to suit every taste and craft idea. 

Industry Leader

Jes Rose Vinyl is a UK-based vinyl company. It was founded by businesswoman, Jessica Toole, a former 9-5 office worker who turned into an interior mogul overnight.

The idea for Jes’ vinyl company came to her when she was looking to bring a little bit of life to her rented kitchen.

“When I launched it [Jes Rose Vinyl] I had an Instagram page for my loft apartment in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Everybody used to say to me ‘why do you ever show your kitchen online, we never seem to see it?”’ 

“I knew what vinyl was at the time, I just thought ‘I’ll do a bit of research and I’ll get some.’

“I got the vinyl from B&Q, did my kitchen and it went viral. Every UK publication picked up on it and it went absolutely massive. That’s when I thought, ‘right, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to start selling vinyl.”

Vinyl Revival

The original product that Jes Rose Vinyl designed was sticky back vinyl rolls. It’s ideal for covering everything from your ugly kitchen cupboards to yellowing bath panels. The vinyl rolls can come custom cut to your needs or can be ordered on a metre-by-metre basis.

“Many people have said [on the vinyl rolls], ‘I didn’t know I need this product but now I’ve got it I can’t live without it’, Jes tells me.

Jes Rose, founder of Jes Rose vinyl
Jes Rose, founder of Jes Rose Vinyl | Image Credit: Jes Rose @imjesrose

The three types of vinyl rolls Jes Rose currently offer are Standard Vinyl, Floor and Wall Vinyl and Window Vinyl. According to the official shop, all of these products are easy to clean and are also heatproof. 

So, that means if you want to brighten up your kitchen benches or want to turn your television unit into a pallet wood personality, you won’t risk burning down the house.

Jes tells me, “it’s an affordable way to do up your kitchen without ripping it out…you can reverse whatever you do with it. Although it’s not a sustainable product, we pitch on the angle ‘you don’t need to rip out your kitchen and add to landfill’. You also don’t need to rip out your bathroom.”

These vinyl rolls have led to Jes Rose Vinyl working with fast fashion label Nasty Gal, as well as gaining recognition in the national press with articles in The Mirror and The Daily Mail

However, Jes wants to collaborate with independent female-led businesses for her next project, including Manchester-based designers Elenor Bowmer and homeware brand Poodle and Blonde.

About potentially working with Poodle & Blonde, Jes says, “I must have spent 1000s with them because I’m obsessed with everything they do. It’s very much on-brand for me and they’re a small business as well, which I really like,”

Going Viral on Social Media

The damage-free vinyl company has also amassed a huge following across social media, with various DIY tutorials gaining two million views on TikTok. Not bad for a spur-of-the-moment passion project, right?

“I think a lot of people are waiting to see the end result. Obviously then because of the algorithm, the longer you’re on the video, it’ll then go into the FYP. And also, they are really soothing. I watch them and I know what’s gonna happen in the end, but I can’t not watch.”, Jes says.

Vinyl Tiles

Off the back of this mega craft idea for adults, Jes Rose Vinyl has recently revealed the latest game-changing product to join the sticky vinyl rolls. Introducing Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles. 

Announced via Instagram in May 2022, Jes Rose Vinyl said that the team had spent an entire year working on this “super top-secret product” and “have put [their] absolute all into these peel and stick tiles, testing different finishes, adhesives, textures, materials”.

These self-adhesive tiles are 30 x 30cm, 2mm thick and are finished with an anti-slip coated laminate. That means they’ll be perfect for that DIY hallway redo or bathroom floor makeover you’ve been putting off forever.

The best part? They’re totally renter-friendly. The premium tiles are completely removable and won’t leave any lasting marks or damage on most surfaces. You could even lay them down in one rented hallway and then lift them and take them with you when you move again. Oh-so sustainable.

“When we found the final product, we had to test it for like two or three months. We battered it with water and dogs and just test it with absolutely everything that we could. So even though we had the final product, we had all the designs, we had everything in place, we then just have to test it for two or three months.”

Currently, there are over 90 different designs and colours available in the peel and stick tiles. Some of these designs are also exclusive and unique to the adhesive vinyl tiles. It’s enough to turn your Jes Rose Vinyl-obsessed friends green with envy.

It’s safe to say social media is as obsessed with Jes Rose Vinyl’s Peel and Stick Tiles as I am. One user commented, “I’d love to try these, very stylish”. Another user said “Perfect, I’ll be ordering them as soon as they launch! Hallway has concrete floor throughout and can’t wait to put some tiles down”

Taking the plunge

Have the Peel and Stick Vinyl tiles inspired a DIY idea? If so, you can order via the official Jes Rose website now. Every order placed is individually cut and sent out from the company’s UK-based warehouse. All you have to do is pick your dream design and they will do the work for you.

Jes Rose Vinyl also recommends that if you are internationally based, you order vinyl samples. This is to make sure that the vinyl cutting process is as responsible as possible. We also don’t want our money wasted, do we?

The Manchester vinyl company ship their vinyl rolls and peel and stick tiles internationally. They do however recommend a 10 working day wait. If the designs are as good as the ones below, however, we reckon they are more than worth the wait.

If you really need more convincing, head over to the Jes Rose Vinyl website for FAQ. 

Feature Image Credit: 99 Problems / Jes Rose