Kevin From The Office set to release a Chilli Cookbook

Kevin from The Office is releasing a dedicated chilli cookbook

Dunder Mifflin unite.

In a move that nobody saw coming, Kevin from The Office is releasing a dedicated chilli cookbook on September 13.

The new recipe collection from Kevin Malone (aka Brian Baumgartner) is titled the Seriously Good Chilli Cookbook and features ‘177 of the best recipes in the world.’

The Office actor took to his personal Instagram to reveal the news of his latest endeavour.

Brian Baumgartner Instagram

”Ok everybody! It’s happening!!!!! The Chili Cookbook I have been working on for so long is here! Releasing September 13th- just in time for Chili Season. Pre- Order today. So many cool special features I can’t wait for you all to see it in person!!!” 

The cookbook is a nostalgic callback to *that* episode where Kevin spills an entire pot of chilli over The Office floor. 

To further cement the iconic television moment, Baumgartner has even got former Dunder Mifflin accountant Oscar Martinez (aka Oscar Nunez) to write the book’s foreword. 

The chilli cookbook itself is bursting with recipes such as Bobble Head White Veggie Chilli, 2 Chefs Tomatillo Chicken Chilli Darth Verde and Chipotle Apple Turkey Chilli. 

Kevin from the office is releasing a new chilli cookbook.
Image credit: Fox Chapel Publishing

As well as unique dishes such as Cornbread Waffle with Chilli and Steak ’N Shake-Inspired Chilli, the book also features Brian’s Seriously Good Chilli. The latter also includes step-by-step directions and coloured photographs. 

Kevin’s Famous Chilli

However, the main attraction is of course the official ‘Kevin’s Famous Chilli’. 

The ‘Kevin Famous Chilli’ recipe has been taken directly from The Office. You’ll be pleased to know however that ‘spill on the carpet and scoop back into the pot with your hands’ is not an included instruction. 

It’s the perfect present for The Office obsessor or chilli chef in your life. You can pre-order Kevin from The Office’s Seriously Good Chilli Cookbook now.

Feature image credit: Fox Chapel Publishing/NBC