Costa Christmas Menu

Toblerone and Terry’s Chocolate Orange: your first look at the Costa Coffee Christmas menu

Holidays are coming.

It’s back and it’s better than ever – Costa Coffee has released its Christmas menu featuring a Toblerone-inspired hot chocolate and Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese pots.

It may only be October, but the Costa Coffee Christmas season is right around the corner. Can you already hear those sleigh bells jingling? 

When will the Christmas food and drink menu be available?

Next month, the cafe chain will release its Christmas menu. This year’s selection of limited-edition festive food and delicious drinks is undoubtedly one to be rivalled. I’m chomping at the bit

The costa Coffee Christmas menu is released on November 3

Customers will be able to sample sweet and savoury treats in-store from Thursday, November 3 onwards.

You’ll also be able to pick up festive-themed delights from Costa Express self-serve machines.

As per a press release, Costa’s food and beverage commercial director, Naomi Matthews, said: “Christmas has always been such a magical time of year at Costa Coffee and we’re delighted to yet again be able to partner with some well-renowned brands to launch another spectacular beverage and food range, complete with both new items and returning favourites. 

“We hope that you take some time out this festive season to visit your local store and treat your’elf – you’ve earned it.”

So, what’s on the Costa Coffee Christmas menu this festive season? 

Costa Coffee Christmas speciality drinks

Firstly, there are two new editions to the festive drinks menu. These are a latte and a hot chocolate inspired by Toblerone. 

The latte features chocolate and honey-flavoured sauce, a dairy cream swirl a festive ‘twinkle topper’ and a miniature Toblerone bar on the side. 

The hot chocolate is similarly constructed, featuring the cream, twinkle topper and bitesize Toblerone bar. 

However, the drink itself is made with hot chocolate powder that has been blended with chocolate and honey-flavour sauce. It sounds oh-so-moreish!

Elsewhere, Costa Coffee Christmas fans will be pleased to know that Costa’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate and Gingerbread & Cream latte is back on the menu.

Sweet treats in time for the festive season 

Sticking with the sweet treats, there are some new cakes on the Costa Coffee Christmas 2022 menu.

From November 3, you can treat yourself to a slice of Loaded Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake or a White Chocolate Trillionaire’s Slice. There’s also a Toblerone-inspired Chocolate Muffin on the menu, as well as a crispy festive wreath.

Returning heroes include Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin, the Raindeer muffin and Gluten-free vegan mince tarts.

The costa Coffee Christmas menu is released on November 3

Savoury snacks on the Costa Coffee Christmas menu

If you’ve not got much of a sweet tooth, then sink your teeth into the Costa Coffee Christmas savoury menu instead.

New additions to the roster include a creamy Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese and the Vegan P’gs & Blankets panini. 

The latter is a sourdough panini, stuffed with vegan sausages, bacon, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegan mayonnaise and cheeZe. 

Favourites such as Turkey & The Trimmings Toastie and the Turkey Feast Sandwich are also making a return this festive season. 

As I said, this season’s menu from Costa Coffee is going to be a tough one to beat. Take a look at the full menu below.

The costa Coffee Christmas menu is released on November 3
Image credit: Costa Coffee

Festive drinks 

  • Toblerone-inspired hot chocolate 
  • Toblerone-inspired latte
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange hot chocolate
  • Gingerbread and cream latte
  • Gingerbread latte coffee in a can

Costa Coffee festive cakes, pies and slices 

  • Toblerone-inspired chocolate muffin
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin
  • Loaded chocolate and hazelnut cake
  • White chocolate trillionaire’s slice
  • Crispy festive wreath
  • Raspberry trifle loaf cake
  • Reindeer muffin
  • Christmas tree shortcake biscuit
  • Santa gingerbread biscuit
  • Mince pie
  • Gluten-free vegan mince tart

Festive sandwiches and paninis 

  • Brie and cranberry toastie
  • Maple bacon mac and cheese 
  • Vegan p’gs and blankets panini
  • Turkey and the trimmings toastie
  • Pigs and blankets panini
  • Brie, bacon and cranberry panini
  • Turkey feat sandwich
  • Maple pigs in blankets potato chips
  • M&S turkey feast sandwich
  • M&S Plant Kitchen no turkey feast sandwich
  • M&S turkey ham hock toastie

Feature image credit: Costa Coffee