Peep Show ‘Could Have Ended With A Spin-Off Movie’

This would've been perfect.

It turns out that Peep Show could have rounded everything off very nicely with a spin-off movie. Well, chance would be a fine thing. A fine thing indeed.

Radio Times spoke to Isy Suttie (Dobby) who explained that during the three-year gap between series eight and nine, there could have been a movie to round things off. As you’ll probably remember, at the end of series eight Jeremy admitted that he was also in love with Dobby, who just so happened to be Mark’s girlfriend at the time. Instead of picking between them, she decided to take a job in New York and cut them both out of her life.

She said: “There was talk of us doing, this won’t happen now at all, but doing a film version and doing an episode set in New York. So, when Dobby went to New York, there was talk – I don’t know how serious it was, but enough for us to be talked to about it – of us all going to New York and filming there,

“Then they just couldn’t get the money or it didn’t work or whatever. So that would have been interesting because that might have been a different ending, or if there had been a film version then obviously that could have changed things.”

Obviously this didn’t go ahead, and instead the team behind the hit show decided to do a final season, where Dobby comes back with her American boyfriend, and Jeremy explored a gay relationship.

Either way, the classic show is (and always will be) a great watch.

Featured image credit: Channel 4