New Show Is Like MTV’s Cribs But From Celebs’ Dogs’ Perspective


We all remember MTV’s Cribs. It was the only chance we got to see inside celebs’ houses. Bear in mind, this is back before social media was as huge as it is now.

Now, Channel 4 has announced a new show along the same lines, but from the perspective of dogs.

The show, Snoop Dogs (cleverly named after American rapper Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.), was announced on April 29 at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

“Channel 4’s [Director of Programmes] Ian Katz has announced a show called Snoop Dogs where you get a tour around a celebrity’s home and have to guess who it is,

“The twist is that producers can’t get access to the homes due to social distancing, so they’re strapping the cameras to the celebrity’s pets.”

A statement about the show said: statement about the show explains: “The four-legged friends will turn pup-arazzi on their owners and show us upstairs and downstairs, under the beds and behind the sofas of our favourite celebs – and anywhere else the canines fancy sniffing out,

“The identities of the celebrities are kept under wraps until the end of each episode as viewers play along to guess who the paw-sible doggy-loving homeowner could be.”

The release date is not yet known, but it sounds amazing!

Featured image credit: Unsplash