Grey’s Anatomy Planned ‘Major Character Death’ Before Being Cut Short

No way.

It looks as though the latest Grey’s Anatomy season being cut short was a blessing in disguise for one character, as script-writers were reportedly planning to kill off a major character.

According to TVLine, the original plan for the season 16 finale was to have a “major” character on the show caught in a massive explosion and die. However, due to the season being cut short by four episodes, this didn’t happen.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff didn’t comment when she was asked to confirm. However, she did say that certain upcoming episodes of Station 19 might give fans a clue regarding their original plans.


She told TVLine: “Ironically, when fans watch episode 15 and 16 of Station 19, they will probably have a feeling of some of what we had planned for [the original Grey’s finale].”

Speaking to Deadline, she added that some Grey’s Anatomy characters will feature in Station 19: “The Grey’s characters are all over the last two episodes of Station 19,

“So, that is a really nice treat for the fans, too. Many of our Grey’s characters are in episodes 15 or 16 on Station 19.”

Featured image credit: Grey’s Anatomy