Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Spotted On Google Play Store


An unannounced Crash Bandicoot game has popped up on the Google Play Store, though it’s not too surprising for Crash fans as rumours of such a game have been around for a while now. Perhaps a little unimaginative, “Crash Bandicoot Mobile” appears to be an endless runner featuring everyone’s favourite marsupial.

Credit: Activision

Rumours of a Crash mobile game first cropped up back in February of this year, when Twitter users JumpButton and Motwera claimed to have stumbled across the upcoming mobile game by the way of a Facebook ad. As you can see in the tweet below, the game was – and now is – coming from mobile giants, King, the Activision Blizzard-owned company who you might know from Candy Crush.

Now it seems even more evidence has appeared, suggesting an official reveal is imminent.

Over on the Google Play Store, the game’s official description reads as follows: “A new kind of Crash adventure featuring your favorite characters,” reads the game’s official description on the store. “Crash & Coco team up to put a stop to Dr Neo Cortex’s evil plan to destroy the multiverse!”

Credit: Activision

“In this new mobile episode, Dr Neo Cortex has dispatched mutagen henchmen across the multiverse to enslave all dimensions. With the help of his sister Coco, Crash must bash Cortex’s minions back to their own dimensions!”

Check out some gameplay from YouTube channel OGL Plays in the video below:

Levels include Turtle Woods, Lost City and Temple Ruins and there’s presumably more on the way. There’s no word on an iOS release (which isn’t that shocking considering there’s been very little fanfare about the Android release).

Why Activision has kept this mobile game a secret remains unclear, but it looks fun enough. Will you be checking out Crash Bandicoot Mobile?

Featured Image Credit: Activision