Ant And Dec In Extensive Talks To Make Their Own Sitcom

Huge news.

Ant and Dec have been in talks for a new show, but it isn’t what you’d expect from the hosting duo.

The pair spoke to The Sun and told the paper that they fancied a break from the problems of live TV and wanted to head into scripted comedy.

“You have people in the audience who we may have planned this elaborate surprise for, but quite simply they have sat in the wrong seats. That’s happened loads of times,” Ant said.

“Then the person you think you’re going to hit, it’s not them.”

The presenter then explained their temptation to move into scripted comedy.

“We’ve talked about it quite seriously in the past. We’ve got quite close. We did a version of The Likely Lads, which we loved,

“And we loved the process of it — rehearsing it and doing it in front of a live studio audience.”

Dec added: “You’ve got to get the idea right and make sure it’s the right thing at the right time. The other thing is finding time to do it with the three big shows we’ve got.”

They were speaking ahead of the launch of their new series of Saturday Night Takeaway, and they confirmed some details about the upcoming set of episodes.

Ant reveals: “We’ve always wanted to do things with kids with the surprise element that we do with celebrities, because their reactions are fantastic and sweet and charming and lovely.

“Basically, we dressed up as pandas and went to London Zoo and created a full-on panda enclosure with proper plants and the smells and everything. So it’s part of the tour of the zoo.

“The kids come in to see the new pandas called Howai and Wayai with the zookeeper and their teacher.

“Then just at the right time the teacher says that they’ve left their phone in their bag and go away and leave us with the kids.

“Then suddenly the pandas start talking to the kids. The whole idea is: Will the kids talk back?”

Saturday Night Takeaway returns Saturday 22nd February at 7pm on ITV.

Featured image credit: ITV/BBC