You’ve Probably Been Using Vegetable Peelers Wrong Your Whole Life

This is amazing!

While we’re all attempting to maintain social distancing, you may have found yourself in the kitchen a bit more than usual. We can’t go to restaurants as much, we’re not popping into a shop to pick up a sandwich, so naturally we’re getting our heads round the kitchen equipment we’ve never paid much attention to before.

One man, Tim Smith, has gone viral on social media after stumbling upon the correct way to use a vegetable peeler – and it makes so much sense.

Tim’s girlfriend had informed him about the trick, but he hadn’t tried it yet. He decided to record his reaction and he was in shock as he realised it worked!

Starting at the top of the veg, all you need to do is run the peeler from the base down to the tip. At this point, you’d usually lift the peeler off and go back to the start, but instead you just need to push it back up along the same route and it peels again!

He managed to get 48,000 shares and 1.3 million views on Facebook, where others were just as shocked as him.

Shocked members of the public took to the comments to share their disbelief that they’ve been using the vegetable peeler wrong their whole lives. One person commented: “Mind blown!” While another added: “Who knew?!”.

We’ll be trying this tonight!

Featured image credit: TikTok/Unsplash