This Light-Up Harry Potter Jumper Just Won Christmas


As the Christmas countdown draws ever closer, it’s time to start switching up that wardrobe accordingly.

And by that, I obviously mean introducing an array of Christmas jumpers – some much uglier than others.

This next find definitely does not fall into the ugly category though, in fact, you could even say it’s magical.

Introducing this light-up Harry Potter Christmas jumper, that pays a fitting homage to Hogwarts.

Truffle Shuffle

“Just when you thought things couldn’t get more magical! This enchanting Harry Potter jumper is not only knitted with a classic Hogwarts design, but is also adorned with flickering LED candles – just like the floating candles in the great hall! A quirky, cosy Christmas creation for Potterheads.” The description reads.

Truffle Shuffle

The jumper is available to buy online for £44.99 here.

If Harry Potter isn’t your thing, there are plenty of alternatives too that celebrate a string of other iconic films.

If you like your festivities spooky, then this Ghostbusters creation may be more up your street.

Truffle Shuffle

“Who ya gonna call for the coolest Ghostbusters jumper EVER? From the moment we clapped eyes on this incredible Ghostbusters knit, we knew we just HAD to have it! A total festive feast for fans of the too-iconic-for-words 80s movie, it’s covered in classic moments and motifs, with a Christmassy twist – from Slimer to Stay Puft; the NYC skyline to the mega-famous logo, now rendered as a wreath!”

If highly questionable parenting is more your thing, then this Home Alone edition is perfect.

Truffle Shuffle

“Snuggle on down and watch your favourite festive movies with this utterly adorable Home Alone Christmas Jumper. Knitted in retro granny style, this toasty treat is ideal for any Kevin’s or just a fan of the awesome 90s movie, starring the cutest of child actors, Macaulay Culkin.”

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