These Absolutely MASSIVE Bean Bags Are Perfect For Garden Chilling

They're HUGE.

Reminiscent of university halls (sigh), beanbags are the ultimate companion for long hours of lounging… our favourite quarantine pastime.  

If netflix is on the agenda this long weekend (& Disney + too), then sink into a beanbag that’s larger than life, for ultimate comfort. 

These beanbags aren’t just for indoors too, with waterproof features, the beanbags can be taken outdoors – perfect for the summer evenings we’ll soon be spending in our back gardens/balconies/any outdoor space around our homes that’s safe.


AND, if you’re still trying to work during isolation, then these beanbags may just be the one. With a stylish, ergonomic design that literally moulds to the shape of your body, surprisingly the beanbag is a perfect way to keep your arms & back supported whilst you’re working. So if you’re fed up of hunching over your desk with a questionable dining room chair – then upgrade your home office too, with a beanbag that not only looks the part, but does wonders for the posture too. 

With over 16 different colours & the ability to be taken indoor & outdoors, this may just be the thing our isolation is missing right now! 

Get your very own beanbag here, and use code: STAYHOME for 10% off!

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