Sony Thanks Fans By Making Two Of The Best PlayStation Games Free


To thank fans for staying at home and maintaining social distancing, Sony has made two of arguably their best games EVER free.

Over the years, my personal list of Best Games of All Time, Ever, has been tweaked a little here and there. Games have been replaced and games have been discovered, but some games have remained on that list since the moment I first hit the X button. Those games are Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Journey.

Thanks to Sony’s brand-new initiative – Play At Home – these two gems can now be added to your PlayStation 4 library for absolutely free (whether you have PlayStation Plus or not!). In fact, they’ve thrown in the whole darn Nathan Drake Collection, meaning you won’t just get the second game, but the first and third as well.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Sharing the news to the official PlayStation blog, Sony explains how the company is working to thank those who are practising social distancing and staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Play At Home has two components: first, providing free games to help keep the PlayStation community entertained at home; and finally, establishing a fund to help smaller independent game studios who may be experiencing financial difficulties continue building great experiences for all gamers,” explains Sony.

Credit: Pixabay

“To support Play At Home, PlayStation will try to make those occasionally dull moments more exciting by offering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey available for free* for a limited time through digital downloads from April 15 at 8pm PDT through May 5, 2020 at 8pm PDT Once you redeem the games, they are yours to keep.”

The initiative isn’t just in place to make gamers’ lives a little easier, but also the lives of indie developers too, as Sony has “developed a fund to support them during this time.”

Credit: thatgamecompany

The company has announced it has “earmarked $10 million to support our independent development partners.”

You’ve probably already played at least one of the Uncharted games, but seriously, get downloading thatgamecompany’s Journey. It’s a glorious, magical experience.

Featured image credit: Sony