Father’s Day Gift Ideas That’ll Make You His Favourite Child

Just a reminder, the day is coming up fast!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and on 21 June, the world will be celebrating dads everywhere. If you’ve happened to accidentally leave things to the last minute, or lockdown has made you forget what time of year it is, don’t worry – these gift ideas will definitely help push you into the favourite child status.

Lumaland Bean Bag

Dads deserve to relax too, and a will not only bring the nostalgia back into their lives (as EVERYONE came into contact with a when they were younger), but also it’ll be a nifty gift that will just keep on giving. Maybe even set up your dad a little gaming section of the house (if he’s into games), and remind him that he deserves some TLC too.

Easy Pop-Up Tent And

Where Tomorrow

One thing fathers love the most, is being the one person in the house who can get any task done that is asked of them, and putting up a tent can be a pretty strenuous activity. Save your old man the time but give him the bragging rights with this .

Where Tomorrow

Once it’s up, your dad can pretend he ‘mastered’ the tent faster than anyone else in the world, and admire his work while lying in his new with a beer. Plus, if your dad is an avid fisher, this is the ultimate glow-up for showing off in front of his friends.

Gaming Chair


If your dad is a bit of a gamer, treat him to this amazing iProgrammer gaming chair, which will not only support his back (he’s not getting any younger, after all), and he’ll be able to retreat to his man cave and play his favourite games for hours without the constant reminder that his body just ‘ain’t what it used to be’.

Father’s Day is on June 21, so don’t forget to buy your card!

[Featured Image Credit: Pixabay]