Stacey Solomon Hits Back At Cruel Trolls Who Called Her ‘Ugly’

This is incredible.

British TV star Stacey Solomon has hit back at cruel trolls who called her ‘ugly’ and a ‘freak’.

On her Instagram Story, Stacey shared some beautiful messages from her 3.2 million followers. Messages described her as ‘adorable’, an ‘inspiration’, and ‘incredible’.


Unfortunately, for every 100 great messages, there’s always going to be one or two nasty ones. Sadly, the trolls (who are undoubtedly incredibly jealous people) came out to call Stacey some horrible names. One in particular called her a ‘freak’ and ‘ugly’.


She decided to clapback at them in the best way she knows how – with humour. She decided to play the Sugababes song – Ugly, while peeling potatoes.

The lyrics sit perfectly with the situation: ‘People are all the same, And we only get judged by what we do, My personality reflects me, And if I’m ugly then so are you’.

At the end of the video, she took off her fake eyelashes and proved that she is gorgeous inside and out.


In her final video, she captioned: “But the sugar babes got it right all those years ago… Ugly is a characteristic not a look Never let anyone make you feel anything less than what you are. BEAUTIFUL.”


Luckily, Stacey took it all in good humour and refused to let the trolls get her down. Her down-to-earth attitude has got her millions of fans. Recently, she took to her Instagram Stories to explain that she’s come across a thread on social media where her fans were sharing kind words about her.

She said: “I just had to take myself outside. I look like a crazy person. I was just reading through messages and thought I would stalk Twitter to see what’s happening in the world,

“Somebody started a really lovely thread about me and… I don’t know why it’s making me emotional, it’s so stupid,

“But it’s so lovely to read all of the really nice messages underneath it. It’s really made my day.”

Featured image credit: Instagram