Heavily-Tattooed Instagram Model Shares Pictures Of Her Before Ink

She looks completely different!

A heavily-tattooed Instagram model has shared an image of what she looked like before spending £20,000 on ink.

Amber Luke, aka Blue Eyes White Dragon, has covered herself in tattoos over the years.

On Instagram, she asked her followers for questions, as she was bored. One of her 81k fans asked what she looked like prior to the art.


She simply replied with a picture of a younger her wearing a floor-length blue dress.

In a previous interview with Daily Mail Australia, Amber said:”I gained a lot of support and positive vibes from complete strangers – there was always the few nasty opinionated ones who try to make you feel inadequate, but I never let them get to me,

Speaking directly to her trolls, she added: “If you’re reading this and you have nothing nice to say? Don’t say it at all. You never know what a person’s going through in their personal lives, be kind,

“I’m not harming anyone in the process, I’m doing what I want to do and if it makes me get up in the morning and be a happy person, then so be it.”

Featured image credit: Instagram